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    Gary Oak. I drive classic cars around, and I'm not above pouncing on my rival when he's a step away from a Pokemon center. Guy's a boss, the GOAT of Pokemon trainers. Guy goes above and beyond as well for his training, something I strive to do. 8 badges to compete in the League? He earned 10, went for 11 before Mewtwo was brought out.

    And let me edit for in game Gary or Blue. Guy's persistant, gets beat, but hurls insults at you still. I never have been so trolled in my life when I beat Lance when I was 8 playing Red, and Gary was next. Mopped the floor with me. I've beat the champs in the other games without cheating, but have never beat Gary without Missingno. Something I'll have to go back to do. But he's the bomb, and we have many similar features.

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