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Originally Posted by Fire Flyy View Post
Mantinefan18 ran some analytics....theyre not lookin good

It's an off-topic chat. What do you expect?

Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
The battle server doesn't take away much activity from BC. They've become separate entities over the years, and the server is no longer a chatroom for BC regulars, but as an alternative to the official PC Chat. Battling and its related topics are rarely discussed on the server, and plenty of people that visit the server don't battle at all.
Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
Just to add on, the battle server isn't really connected with BC anymore. Yes, it's a battle server, but it has always been a chatroom first and foremost. Off-topic discussions take place there, so I don't really see why it's a crime for non-battlers to be there. Now, I would understand your point in regards to the forum, because BC exclusively hosts only discussion related to battling. However, I doubt that people disinterested in battling have been posting here. The battle server does represent some of PC's battle community, but obviously not all.
I've seen battling talked about sometimes, and it could be more prevalent. However, BC is meant for battling discussion, while the server is for off-topic discussion. It's always been like this. I don't see the problem.

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