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    @Fishyfins: Congratulations on the sandshrew and Sandile! Both of those guys evolve into pretty awesome shinies. : )

    @Bern: Congratulations on the Shiny Phanpy! Chaining is pretty fun, isn't it. : ) Feels a bit more like you're still playing a game when you chain rather than just hoping for a shiny to pop up randomly. (though a random shiny is still more exciting to find)

    @SuspectedElk: Welcome to the group! The yearly and monthly quests are pretty cool since it gives you a goal if you're not sure what to go for next. Make sure you drop in on the chatroom too. Me and a few other people are in there fairly often, and we've been hoping to get some more people to show up regularly. : )

    As for me, I did some more chaining, and while I was originally planning on looking for Meditite, I stumbled upon a Graveler and thought I'd go for that. I'm really happy I was able to get it. : )

    I got two of them, and traded and evolved one of them. I'm keeping the other one a graveler.

    (get it? Granite rhymes with Janet)

    A couple noteworthy things happened in this hunt. I used up one of my three Masterballs on the first shiny graveler since I didn't know if Graveler using selfdestruct would break my chain or not. I later found out it doesn't, so I essentially wasted a Master Ball. I ran into four shiny gravelers, but only managed to catch two of them. After that I burned through fourty super repels without seeing any more shiny patches, so I eventually got frustrated and gave up on the chain. Neither of these gravelers are super great in terms of ivs, but that doesn't matter to me since Golem is another one of those really classic Kanto Pokemon, which makes me happy to have any shiny of it. I may not like the Kanto games too much anymore, but I'm still nostalgic for the Kanto Pokemon. There was also a close call where I walked into the wrong patch of grass after I caught my first shiny, but the chain kept going anyways.

    Anyhoo, good luck to everyone, and here's hoping we keep finding shinies at the pace we have been lately. : )

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