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    RoreyG, have you considered Sunny Day? IMHO a 4th attack is not your optimal choice here, you've got your bases covered, but if you want to keep him out for a while, Sunny Day prevents Water from decimating him in one hit, makes him hit harder, and potentially sets up other pokemon as well, depending on who you're bringing to the table.

    Now, posting here as I understand this to be the correct section:

    I'm currently playing White, and I'm having some trouble deciding on my moveset for Lilligant. Between the immunity to confusion and the plethora of means of gaining life, not to mention the Massive special attack and well balanced stats, she's a shoe in to compliment my Emboar and take down all the pokemon he has trouble with. The trouble I'm having is in deciding her desired moveset. I have 2 I want for sure, and another 3 I'd like in an ideal world, which is obviously one too many. In addition, I may have missed something obvious, so suggestions are always welcome. Here's my thoughts so far:

    Giga Drain- Obviously. I gain life, it gets STAB, does reasonable damage, and has perfect base accuracy? Sign me up.
    Sleep Powder- I like moves that put opponents to sleep. In addition to being great for reducing her incoming damage and/or forcing a swap, it's wonderful for catching pokemon in the wild, which is important to me. A must have. It's no Spore, but it'll do.

    The 3 in debate:
    Petal Dance- Does GREAT damage, very PP efficient (essentially it's like a 120 base power move with 25PP and 100% accuracy), and as she has own tempo, it doesn't confuse her. The downside? It locks her actions until it plays out, which means if things go south (she KOs someone and they send out a Bug/Poison type, for example) I have no way of reacting to it. As Grass is much more of a specialty type than, say, water, it's a dangerous thing to be locked in that long.
    Aromatherapy- Cures all status ailments- for the whole party! When you've beaten 4 of 6 pokemon, but you have someone paralyzed, someone poisoned, and someone who put themselves to sleep via Rest, having that kind of reset power is beyond useful, it's a game changer. Also, not having to use items when slogging through an area full of pokemon who like status ailments is nice. The downside? It's an incredibly specialized need, and may only come into play a handful of times. Sure, it'll be fantastic when it is needed, and if I don't have it then I'll regret it, but will I regret it more than the number of times I stare at the 5/5 PP which hasn't seen action in days?
    Quiver Dance- Raises Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed, all in one move! After 1 use, that's 50% more damage done, 33% less damage taken (from special), and essentially a guarantee I'm going first. Worth it during any battle in which she's fighting more than 1 pokemon. 2 uses and her already high Sp. Atk means against anyone not resistant to Grass, she's unbeatable. The downside? As Grass is a specialty type, she'll never be a true sweeper. Even if she fights more than 1 pokemon in a battle, it is in No way guaranteed they'll be in a row, and unless a fight takes more than 4 turns (unlikely if she's super effective against her opponent, which most of the time she will be), it would have been more effective from an offensive end to just attack, or from a defensive end to put them to sleep. Either way, the stat boost was a wasted move.

    Other options:
    Leech Seed (additional healing, which carries over if she switches)
    Hidden Power Fire (for enemies where Grass won't work but which don't require immediate switching)
    Entrainment (For getting rid of troublesome abilities, as Own Tempo is a relatively innocuous ability on an enemy)


    Btw, I'm new to the forums, and thanks for your time!