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It's difficult for me to make friends in the first place, but when I actually do have friends, it's someone I can talk to and joke with and hopefully make them laugh. I like to make people laugh. Makes me happy, and apparently them! But anyway, I'm not that great at maintaining friendships because I just...really don't know how, I guess? I'm not sure how to explain it.

Romantic partners are generally the anyway. I used to feel differently about romantic partners and I wish I could describe that to you, but I really...don't remember what it felt like. I have a boyfriend now, but he's not that much different than having a friend, except this one I cuddle with haha. But we know each other quite personally and I can talk to him about things no one else wants to talk about with me (like bodily functions!) so there's that. I have a romantic partner to talk about burping with, is what I'm basically saying. Yeeeah. lol I kind of agree with Nick on the feeling tied down thing though. In person, I don't like the feeling of being restricted or held back, so I definitely don't like that feeling emotionally either. I don't really get that feeling very often in the relationship I'm in now though, thankfully.

Also, I know most people tend to put partners over friends, but I'm kind of opposite. I love my closest friends dearly and would do almost anything for them, but I haven't even said something like that to my boyfriend. -shrug- Dunno what that's about though.

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