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    So, I'm totally new to this and Pokemon in general (well, sort of... I played red / blue when I was a kid, then when the next ones came out and the pokedex expanded I stopped. Now as an adult I'm playing white, and it's fun, but there's a LOT more to the meta in terms of getting the specific pokemon you want, it's fun, but it takes time to catch up to it all.

    So, how do I set up a trade? I read the "how to trade" thread, so I get that, but I mean in these forums? If I want to set up a shop, I got how to do that, but I'm not NEARLY there yet (still a ways off from having anything worthy of a shop!), and right now I'm just looking for specific pokemon to get me through the game proper. This leaves me with a couple specific questions:
    1) Where do I create a thread indicating what I'm looking for?, and
    2) How do I figure out what a fair offer would be for it? Should I propose what I would give for it up front, or find out what people would want for it?

    It seems like (especially since the people I'm playing with are playing different versions from what I have) it would be unlikely at this point I'd have anything that people are looking for, so do I find out what they want then go get it?

    Sorry for the dumb questions you've probably answered a thousand times, it's an unfortunately necessary part of being new to the past, well, decade of technological and game development as it relates to pokemon. I really appreciate your time and consideration helping me out.
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