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    Hey, I'm new here. So, this is my introduction thread.

    I used to play pokemon red and blue as a kid, then stopped because they expanded the pokedex, which was way too much to deal with as a kid, I felt like they had invalidated my accomplishments and wasn't willing to keep collecting them indefinitely. I realized when I got older that it was ok for me to define the ways in which I would enjoy a game, and I could set my own goals, filling out the pokedex completely didn't have to be it. So, I'm playing white now as an adult, and really enjoying it. It's actually the meta of it all, the strategy and team building aspects I'm really enjoying, as I optimize it I continually find ways to improve.

    The best part of pokemon though is the trading, the discussion with other trainers and the improvement you can take from others, imho, so I'm here. I'll try not to be a nuisance posting in the wrong place all the time, and I apologize for any errors I may make as I learn my way around here.

    Thanks for your patience, and I hope I'll be seeing you around! Figuratively speaking, of course.
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