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    Wow there are tons of new shinies!
    Congrats to:
    Bern on the Ponyta, all those Phanpys (one of my favourite pokemon!)
    Peko on the Pachrisu, Chatot, Audino, and Graveler!
    Nizare18 on the Ditto!
    Kitori again on the Absol!
    Fishyfins on the Sandshrew and Sandile!

    And welcome to all new members that have joined!

    Anyone mind sending some luck over my way here? Pretty much got over the odds collectively without a shiny since I started hunting again D:< Anyone still doing 1/8192 hunting? Maybe that's why I feel droughtful lol :3

    In other news, trying to keep up with hunting despite school, making myself a new signature card, and going to try to get Eevee live for my 50 sub special.
    Dialga: 3260 SRs
    Moltres: 6360 SRs
    Eevee: 1890 Hatched

    I have a game for us all to play! Open the spoilerrrrr!!


    This is a "Shiny Pokemon Meme" (courtesy of UnovaVampire from Deviantart) that I thin kwould be fun to fill in. Here's the one I did:

    EDIT: Made a new background for the chat too. I think I'm on a roll :3

    i spent too many late nights
    just thinking a hole in the earth

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