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    Heh, cool! I could never take the time to complete my Pokedex, I mean like, ever. Congrats on your Shiny Charm, it was well deserved. And yeah, I only see the Genesect and shiny Scizor. D: Where's the full list?

    Edit: Agh, sorry, just figured out that you have to click on the box to scroll down, since my browser wasn't showing any scrolling bar there. What would you be willing to give up?

    Originally Posted by Abdude View Post
    I'm looking for a Chimchar. I'm offering Moltres, Feraligatr, Lugia and Snorlax.
    Is this to anyone or just to the OP? And do you need it to be flawless/shiny? Because I could easily breed you a Chimchar for one of those.