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I notice three out of four of us so far have put "creative" or "imaginative" as a good personality trait. I just want you to keep in mind to make your character unique! :) Of course, coupled with the other traits, our characters won't really be similar anyways.

@ PsychoJigglypuff - looking good so far! I like the theatrical thing and the fact that she has a snake :D Also, singing could be an instrument of sorts ^^

In some fanverses/interpretations of Homestuck, instruments or singing are pretty important. If everyone does pick an instrument (or singing) we'll see if we can make something of that! Well I already know exactly what we could make of that. So yeah, for those who haven't written your SUs yet, it would be nice if you included an instrument ^^

EDIT: I've just written up my post for ACT 0 / the Entry Phase. It turned out long O.o But it was so much fun to write. I hope I've been giving you enough space to do your own thing but still enough optional direction. You'll see when everyone has signed up so that we can start.
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