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So, I've been doing some thinking and talking to some people about how we balance the involvement and contributions of all of you in this forum against those of the mods. Other staff, I'm not trying to undermine ye guys by posting this here first; I just wanna pose it as a hypothetical to see if it's worth taking higher. You might as well as also know that my opinions here don't strictly represent the opinions of the whole staff.

Basically, I want to know how interested ye'd all be in having a deeper involvement with the forum than straightforward posting. I'm talking stuff like minor forum events, competitions, and generally you guys having a greater amount of responsibility around the forums. As it stands, a lot of stuff is handled almost purely by staff. Which is fine, but I feel like we're not giving you enough opportunities to make stuff happen around here without being staff members yourselves. And of course, not everyone can be staff. I feel it's sorta black and white (lol) as it is; either you're a member and you don't have responsibility or you're staff and you do have responsibility. Personally I don't much like a gap that wide and feel like members can be trusted with a bit more responsibility than we give you right now. How exactly this could hypothetically be implemented, I don't know, but it's still a baby idea. I just wanna know how interested you guys are really. :]

So yeah, yes or no to more responsibility and organisation from members?
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