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    April 6, 2013

    Dream World 2: Roselia, gained a level. Found: Galvantula that knows the move Disable.

    I was wandering around doing a variety of things, and during my stop in the Lostlorn Forest, a Buizel jumped up out of the water at the base of the waterfall near the entrance! I figured I should take the chance to catch it, so I had Vigoroth use Yawn to put it to sleep, and then I threw a Poké Ball… but no luck, it broke free. So I switched to Trapinch and had it use Mud Slap. It scored a critical hit, which was just what I needed. One more Poké Ball later, and I caught a Buizel!

    “Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon. Buizel inflate the floatation sacs around their necks to poke their heads out of the water to see what is going on. They spin their two tails like a screw to propel their bodies through water. These tails also slice clinging seaweed.”

    219. Buizel

    The Lostlorn Forest had a lot of different species of Pokémon migrate to it since I first explored it two years ago!

    The rest of the day, I just trained my team and my new Buizel. Mostly we sayed around Route 6, so I could keep an eye out for any wild Castform that may be there. At the end of the day, I had Nurse Joy heal my Pokémon, and had all but my Grimer sent to Professor Juniper.

    April 7, 2013

    Dream World: Haxorus. Found: nothing new; Voltorb that knows Natural Gift.

    I had the professor transfer Magby, Raticate, Clefairy, and Staryu to me. It’s a beautiful day, sunny but still cold, so time to get some fresh air and train some Pokémon!

    I searched for quite a long time in rustling grass on Route 6, and encountered plenty of Audino, Emolga, Dunsparce, and even a Leavanny and an Azumarill; however, I did not find even a single Castform. But my Magby did evolve into Magmar!

    “Magmar, the Spitfire Pokémon, and the evolved form of Magby. Magmar exhale scorching fire which forms heat waves around their bodies, making it hard to see these Pokémon clearly.”

    220. Magmar

    It wasn’t long before that group of Pokémon was trained, so I rotated them out for Skitty, Jolteon, Grimer, and Bronzor. We did find one Castform while training, but it got away. So after a bit more searching, I rotated the group again for Growlithe, Umbreon, Ampharos, and Tropius.

    I took a little break to go do some other things, since I was getting frustrated with the search. When I came back in the evening for one last attempt, the very first Pokémon I encountered was a Castform! It treated me to a preview of each of its forms, as it used Rain Dance, Hail, and Sunny Day one after another. I had Umbreon weaken it with a few Quick Attacks, and then threw a Poké Ball, but it burst right out. I had Umbreon use one more Quick Attack, then, Poké Ball, go… I caught a Castform!

    221. Castform

    April 9, 2013

    Today is an amazingly beautiful day out! I decided to spend some time in the morning outside on Route 6 before heading into work. On one of my stops to the Pokémon Center, I was surprisingly awarded with a new medal. Apparently, I have been in over 2,000 battles since setting off from Aspertia City!

    Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 77/105
    New Medals:
    Battle Virtuoso

    As I was walking along Route 6, I ran into… Cobalion! I wonder what it was doing here? It bounded of into the distance, and there were two people in apparent pursuit of it. One was Rood, one of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma, but one of the good guys since he seemed loyal to N. He feels that Cobalion’s appearance might be the foreshadowing of something sinister that is about to happen. I hope he’s over-reacting. Anyway, I couldn’t stick around, as I had to be off to work.

    After work, I decided to do some training in the nearby Mistralton Cave. Two years ago, I found the Guidance Chamber high in the caverns, and there I caught Cobalion. After spending an extensive time training my team, I paid a visit to the Guidance Chamber. Inside, I was surprised to find a Pokémon I haven’t seen since my time in Hoenn: an Aron! It seems like there is a fair amount of Aron that live in Mistralton Cave. I wonder why I didn’t see them two years ago? I decided to battle one with my Growlithe. It used a single Flame Burst attack which almost knocked it out, but this Aron likes to thrash about and hit back with a powerful Iron Head attack. I threw a Poké Ball, and with a “swoosh!” I made a critical capture, and caught an Aron!

    “Aron, the Iron Armor Pokémon. Aron usually live deep in mountains. In order to build up their steel bodies, they eat iron ore. Hunger has been known to drive them to eat railroad tracks and cars.”

    222. Aron

    So after I was done exploring the cave, I returned to the Pokémon Center in Driftveil City, and was awarded yet another medal, thanks to my exploration of Mistralton Cave! I also sent Growlithe, Ampharos, Castform, Tropius, and Umbreon to Professor Juniper, and had her send me my Magneton, Beldum, Glaceon, and Drifblim. With my Grimer and new Aron, the next stop is Chargestone Cave!

    Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 78/106
    New Medals:
    Dowsing Collector

    April 18, 2013

    I squeezed in a little training on my lunch break at work, and my Beldum evolved into Metang!

    “Metang, the Iron Claw Pokémon, and the evolved form of Beldum. Metang are formed by two Beldum joining together. Their two brains are linked, amplifying their psychic power. Their steel bodies won’t be scratched even if they collide with a jet.”

    223. Metang

    April 19, 2013

    While I was in Chargestone Cave, I found a wild Ferroseed. Now, this may not seem like an unusual occurance, but there was something different about this Ferroseed. This used to be N’s Ferroseed! It was one of the four Pokémon he had when he battled me here in Chargestone Cave two years ago. I had Magneton use a few Thundershocks on it to weaken it, and after the third one it also became paralyzed. After that, I easily caught it in a Poké Ball! I sent it to Nuvema Town so it can be with the rest of N’s Pokémon I discovered.

    April 20, 2013

    I continued my exploration of Chargestone Cave, hoping to find any of the other three Pokémon N likely released here. It also gave me a good opportunity to train a lot of my Pokémon. Magneton especially seemed to enjoy training here. The assortment of wild Pokémon that lived here hasn’t changed much, except I did discover that some Nosepass are here! I battled one with my Drifblim, but it used a Spark attack followed up by Rock Blast and knocked Drifblim out. I then just threw a Poké Ball, and caught it!

    “Nosepass, the Compass Pokémon. Nosepass have a magnetic nose that always faces north. When endangered, they may protect themselves by raising their magnetism and drawing iron objects to their bodies.”

    224. Nosepass

    I returned to the Pokémon Center not long after that. Since I already had six Pokémon with me when I caught Nosepass, I decided to rotate my Pokémon one final time before reaching Mistralton City. I kept Nosepass and Grimer with me and had Swinub, Dunsparce, Leafeon, and Vaporeon transferred to me.
    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 172 Seen 187
    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 89 Seen 94
    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 95 Seen 104
    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 88 Seen 94