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Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
Alright, here we go. Earlier generation monsters were better-designed. 'Better' is where my opinion lies, and it seems to be unpopular. Worth mentioning is that there has been an objective shift in design philosophy over time; monster designs have accrued more spikes, stripes and such things. There are actually threads on /vp/ where posters remove these features from official artworks, often yielding appealing results.

I want my first generation Garchomp.
Exactly, as any western professional would tell you this. I also think, however, that there's a cultural difference in play here, too. Japan seems to revel in the ornate, whereas western designs tend to be more simple because of pencil mileage. There's generally a reason why western animation tends to be more fluid/less rigid, but a the same time, doesn't go nearly into the same amounts of detail save for your occasional Disney flick.

Either way, there's no denying the designs got more complicated. Whether or not anyone likes them is up to personal tastes, but I will say this much. A person would sooner do a full, frame by frame no shortcuts animation on their own of Mewtwo than they would Giratina, I don't care how much they might prefer the latter.

I also agree with machomuu in that the series could benefit from at least a mild reinvention. Or I would, but considering the games that star the Pokemon hold higher appeal to me anyway, I almost don't care what the main games do anymore.

Oh boy, there's an unpopular opinion...

I don't like the trainer games compared to everything else on PC. It baffles me that there's not that much more diversity, which you'd sort of expect on a forum this size, but I recognize I'm a minority overall, especially here. :(

Also, Eevee doesn't have half the cuteness Vulpix has. Even stylized in fan art, I still prefer Vulpix. I think it's the overall design. Eevee's like your extreme animu version of a whatever it is, huge eyes and all, while Vulpix at least retains some anatomy. Also, don't bother pointing out that I'm guilty of such things myself, as I am already aware.

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