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    Retreat was never an option for Mara and if the situation had been better in her favor, she would have fought on until she won through sheer force of will. But in this instance where any Pokemon that fainted was taken, and another combatant was quickly approaching the fray, she knew that some sacrifices had to be made.

    The Shadow Ball hit Delta square in the face. The small ghost was propelled back toward a thick tree. At the last second he evaporated and appeared on the other side to avoid the impact. Alpha, however, wasn't so lucky. He howled in pain as the earth shuddered and cracked under him, blasting him with energy. The Ninetales shook as the waves subsided and fell to the ground, breathing shallowly. He was only a moment from fainting, but Mara wasn't going to lose him. Before anything else could happen to him she reflexively grabbed his ball and called him back to it. No one was going to take him from her, not Alpha.

    In his place she sent out Epsilon. The Kingdra screeched as he materialized, looking for the foe. The trainer had slipped away in the flying dust and noise of his well placed moves, but the other that had been sneaking poorly up on them crashed through the underbrush. The adolescent male was tall, and though he wasn't broad his body rippled with lean muscle. The most alarming feature, however, was the jacket he wore. It was similar to Mara's vest, but instead of the emblem from the street gang she'd pledged her life to, it sported the rival's sign. Mara's eyes narrowed as she realized who this was.

    "Adam!" she snarled. He grinned maliciously as he recognized her.

    "Mara!" he grinned. "Long time no see!"

    Epsilon didn't recognize him, but Delta did. The Misdreavus chirped angrily and floated up to guard his mistress. Things were about to get ugly and he knew it; they always did with Adam around. Sure enough, he cracked his knuckles and stepped forward.

    "I've been itching to put some holes in your team for years. You're not getting away from me this time."

    Adam threw a ball and released his Umbreon onto the field. The Pokemon remembered Mara, and her hackles went up and she snarled fiercely at her old foe. Mara's first choice for this confrontation would be Alpha, but there was no way he'd make it through with the injuries he'd already sustained. Delta drifted onto the field instead.

    Mara had first move. She stood back and watched, allowing Delta to do what he thought was best. The ghost disappeared and reappeared directly behind the Umbreon, dousing it with tiny flames. She whined as her skin heated up and her energy was slowly drained by the burns. She was also well trained, however, so her reaction was minimal.

    With a fierce battle cry she lunged at Delta and sank her teeth into him. He squealed and wiggled out of the grip. Just from the blows that had been exchanged thus far it was clear that this was going to be a grueling fight.
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