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Normal-Ditto.I never really used it in my team,always at the daycare.But in one nuzlocke run,it saved my life against mortys gengar as it was my last pokemon.

Poison-Seviper.I mean,look at it.It looks dangerous.Clever.And that tail.Its awesome.

Steel-Wormadam(Trash cloak).Its not a good battler in my team but it just looks adorable.

Rock-Archeops.Hard choice.There are so many good rocks.But this one just looks amazing and if i keep its health above half,it kicks butt.

Ground-Gliscor.It looks awesome and it has good stats.

Electric-Eelektross.It is a good team pokemon and it looks awesome.When i first saw it i thought it was water type.I was wondering why the hell it wouldn't learn surf.XD

Fire-Emboar.At the beginning of black,i used to hate it and despise it.But in black 2,when i used it,i grew to love it cause he was sooooo strong!!!

Water-Dewgong.It just looks amazing but it is a bad choice for battling.

Grass-Liligant.This was a close call between megaium and liligant.Liligant just looks elegant.But if it has ability own tempo combined with petal dance,its unbeatable!!!!

Dark-Honchkrow.It looks like a boss.Its also an amazing looking bird with a FEDORA!!!

Fighting-Scrafty.It looks amazing and its powerful.I always catch a female scraggy and feel compelled to nickname it 'Kayla' for some reason.

Psychic-Gardevoir.How could you not love this amazing,beautiful and powerful thing??

Ghost-Mismagius.It is just awesome with a fedora.I always thought of it as honchkrows sister.I mean, it loos awesome!!

Ice-Weawile.It looks amazing.Another sibling of honchkrow and mismagius?It is just so badass.

Flying-Mandibuzz.It is Honchkrows rival!!!!Plus mandibuzzz just looks so awesome.

Bug-Ariados.It looks awesome and i use it in my team every chance i get.

Dragon-Hydreigon.It looks awesome,amazing stats,amazing typing.