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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    I don't think it would be related whatsoever to modding. If we're going to do that, we might as well mod them, right?

    That being said, a different rank would make sense to me. This could be a rank you applied to, like a permanent EO, but without a badge because we already have so many especially when GT rolls around. It could give you access to an Events/Competitions forum, where you can plan out events in whatever section, see if other people want to help you with it, and get the final okay from the mods of that section/hstaff.
    Sorry if this is a bit to read, and maybe too much irrelevant information involved, but this suggestion has brought on a bout of nostalgia and made me miss a couple of responsibilities I had a few years ago.

    I was a long time member of a gaming forum, in which I eventually got position of Mod and SuperMod. Eventually, I was also given responsibility of running the Event Section, and then after that, I quit my SuperMod position but kept the Event Section, effectively seperating it from the Mod Team permanently, except in cases where moderation of posts and the like was needed, as I didn't get to keep my moderation abilities. We had a 'Judge Team' that was a hand-picked group of dedicated members that would assist in perusing entries of Events and Competitions and, using set points... Umm, wow this bit is harder to explain than I thought. Let me give an example. As the leader of this Judge Team, it was my job to organise and help the judges in their decisions. I would set up a discussion thread, and a seperate judging thread for the event in question. In the judging thread, I would give the judges a form to fill out. An example would be, if the event was a writing event:
    Name of Entrant:
    Link to Entry:
    Grammar and Spelling: (out of 5)
    Ease of Reading: (out of 10)
    Depth of Writing: (out of 10)
    Fulfills Rules and Event Requirements: Yes/No (out of 2)
    Then the score would be added together (out of 27), and an average found of all the judges scores for an entry, leaving out the lowest and highest scores (similar to the Olympics, to help with any bias). In the form itself, I would help the members fill out each section by supplying a few questions, like 'How easy was the writing to read?', 'Did the writing flow smoothly, or jump around a lot without direction?' (for Ease of Reading) and 'Did the writer set the environment and characters well?' (for Depth of Writing). It was also my job to tally up the scores, announce the winners and provide general entertainment for the judge team when we were low on work (and/or to provide more incentive to keep coming back).

    Although bias is difficult to completely stamp out, I would like to think the team was mostly unbiased and intelligent, and any bias that did show would have been cancelled out with the above methods. The main job for the Judge Team was to judge events created by the gaming company (so the admin didn't have to do it on his own), but eventually, other members that created their own events would ask the team for help, either handing over the judging to us completely, or working with us (they would choose the winner, and we would judge the runners up).

    I know this sounds like a lot of complicated, hard work, but for me, it was the most fun I had for a long time. I would go back, if I knew anyone that was still on that forum. But I do see that the Judge Team is still going strong, and it makes me proud. I miss all that quite a lot, actually.

    Hmm, after all that writing, I'm not even really suggesting this idea for this forum, because different things work for different forums, but I just wanted to spill a bit and give an example of how giving more responsibilty to members can really do wonders for a community. (This forum also had a correspondents team, a group of people that wrote articles about the game and forum, did interviews with popular members and other such things, I haven't really had a good look around here, so I don't know if there is something similar..)

    Thanks for powering through all that...
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