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    Hmm, I've decided Aromatherapy is a "must have" for me personally (I hate status ailments, and no one else on my team can use it or heal bell). I don't want to abandon her self healing (or leave her with only petal dance as an attack), so Giga Drain stays, and we agree Sleep Powder is super useful. That leaves me with the decision- Petal Dance or Quiver Dance. You say Quiver Dance is a must have, and using it makes her more controlled, as well as more powerful at self healing, but Petal Dance is more powerful than Giga Drain (even after 1 Quiver Dance), so my options would be as follows:
    Put the enemy to sleep, use Quiver Dance twice to buff, then burn them down with a 150 base attack Giga Drain while they're awake, or
    Put the enemy to sleep, then Petal Dance while they're asleep, then Giga Drain while awake. Over 5 turns the advantage still lies with Petal Dance, and I really don't want to go single attack, so I'm thinking I'll be doing the following:
    Sleep Powder
    Petal Dance
    Giga Drain

    I know I'm limiting her offensive power by having Aromatherapy in there in place of Quiver Dance, but I'm willing to accept that, especially considering her overall purpose on my team. Do you think the loss of the stat buff will be crippling? I'm thinking of posting my whole team and moveset choices in here so people can help me analyze them more holistically, in fact, I think I'll do exactly that. Thanks for the helpful reply, though!
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