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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
Not that it's a bad idea, but when I was discussing this with Razor Leaf yesterday, that isn't exactly what I had in mind. Personally, I feel like having people apply for a certain rank in order to contribute ideas or host events seems like over complicating a relatively simple thing. It's a lot easier and less restricting for members who have ideas or want to host their own event(s) in a forum to talk the moderator of that forum or higher staff about it first. Otherwise, what if a member has a good idea, but because they don't have an impressionable application to do it, the idea goes to waste or someone else takes it and does it instead? It just seems too restricting in my opinion when we should be more open to doing something like this while assisting them in the process if need be.
The thing with that is, that's...already a thing, isn't it? When I was a member and wanted to do an event I PMed the mod of that section or hstaff if there wasn't one and got it approved, and I've seen plenty of members do the same thing around the forum. Are you suggesting then just making it more well-known that that's a thing that we encourage?

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