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I'd be down with an AMA. As usual, though, I can't help but see both side of the issue. The punchline of that being that I can understand where things could get ugly, fast. Especially if certain members get more questions than others, someone could take it the wrong way.

*recalls a thread here in PCQ&F months ago where someone felt slighted about being ignored in the RPs subforum*

That thought I just typed? I'd rather we avoid stuff like that if possible. A single thread just won't do. People are gonna end up treating it like the DCCs, and those are only fun if you have some clout or seniority, otherwise posts tend to get skipped over. That's gonna be less fun in an AMA situation. Not to mention the clutter. I'd just go with the subforum. Maybe find a way to make it work, though, if there is one.

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