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    Originally Posted by Lugia's Shadow View Post
    It's so menacing, and is by far my favourite Dark-type. Although Torterra is up there in the ranks too, as being one of my most reliable Pokemon during my in-game odysseys.
    Especially when it's been hacked into Ghetsis' team at near the same level as his other Pokemon. (I'm still bitter about that...)

    Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
    Vaporeon, if that wasn't obvious enough. It is my favourite and I'm referred to as it a lot.
    Another Vaporeon fan! *Internet high-five*

    I love Vaporeon because it's one of the only cats that actually love water as much as I do! The only downside to this is I've never played a game with an Eeevee yet. (I would trade for one, but my DS isn't able to hook up to my internet.)