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    Heyas all..!

    Anyone else use Github? If so, why not link us to your profile, or maybe share a project or two that you are proud of?

    Here is my profile:

    I haven't committed much to any of my repositories recently because I am working on a large project currently, but this is where a lot of my projects go. My most established one so far is DBroker, a PHP database abstraction that simplifies database work. (I use it in most of my other code and the previous companies I've worked at use it...)

    The one that some people over here may be interested in is AIPS, an IPS patcher that works on most systems out there. (Including Mac and Linux) I am going to add support for more formats in the future.

    What about you all?

    If you are unfamiliar with the place, it is a place where you can create projects and revision them with GIT. It allows you to create Wikis, support forums, and a bug tracking system for each project you post... You can fork other people's projects if you like what they are doing and add features or fix things for them and either keep it in your own profile, or send pull requests to help the author...

    You can also favorite repositories, follow users, and comment on almost everything.

    It is a fantastic place, and can even help you get your name out there, get jobs, or find projects for mostly anything under the sun.

    If that sounds interesting to you, check it out..!
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