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Well, it looks we're doing randomized teams, because the poll results are 12-11 with randomized teams winning. It's probably for the best, as it's the fastest and most efficient method. I'll post the teams soon.

Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
I don't really see why picking teams is really an issue to be honest, when teams are totally random -- regardless of who's battling -- the "better" player can technically get screwed over having a team of LC mons versus a team of UU/OU mons. The random aspect keeps everything balanced if that's what people are worried about.
Sure, it's Randbats, but the better player will almost always win. All of the matches are BO3, so you'd have to be really unlucky to get two bad team match-ups in a row. So, I think the complaint is genuine.

Alright here are teams! I asked Pokedra to randomize the teams for me so no one would think that I changed them to my liking.

Team 1
- WeightyWillBill (regular)
- ExtremeGamer (1v1)
- JNathan (High Tier)
- Aurora. (Medium Tier)
- Forever (Low Tier)

Team 2
- ChocolateCrunch (regular)
- IdrinkWater (1v1)
- DaydreamsAway (High Tier)
- .Aero (Medium Tier)
- Wolflare (Low Tier)

Team 3
- ForeverDash (regular)
- glitchguy (1v1)
- Twilight Sky (High Tier)
- Jake♫ (Medium Tier)
- Clacla (Low Tier)

Team 4
- Diversion (regular)
- Twihiki_Amias (1v1)
- Pachy (High Tier)
- Lalapizzame (Medium Tier)
- Lapras* (Low Tier)

Team 5
- Shadowraze (regular)
- Dter ic (1v1)
- Narnia (High Tier)
- jellicentfan1 (Medium Tier)
- tigerBLADE (Low Tier)

Everyone will then receive a private message from me asking for 5 Pokemon. Each team will have a list of 25 Pokemon, and I'll randomly choose a team mascot from that pool.

Upon popularity request, members may switch Randbats formats with another, but both members who trade formats must confirm by posting in this thread or the change won't count. If you don't trade formats before the team mascots are decided, then you will be stuck with the default format you were given.