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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Well, we'd like to change that, huh?

I think that if you just host it alone for the first few runs, people will start to recognize if it's good or not, and they'll start pitching in. It's like hosting anything - if you wanna, you gotta start it by yourself.
Yeah, but that's still super discouraging to those who WANT to try but don't have the confidence or the patience to try and fail a few times.

Originally Posted by dbp View Post
It's one thing to have initiative, but it's another to actually get people behind you on it as well. It gets discouraging after a while when people are all over the place, but never really committed to anything aside from whatever they're already doing, which I again think has more to do with the general atmosphere of the board.

It's like being at a concert where you all like the same band (in theory), but everyone's in a bubble messing around with their iPhones or something tuning everything else out. That's why I'd like to see more involvement, there's a lot of potential here, but it's just scattered all over without a lot of unification. Aside from the fan games/hacks and RPs, but that's about it.
This is a good point. Everyone sticks around to their own preferred section, and quite frankly, that's how some of our subforums end up feeling kind of 'cliquey' and intimidating to users, especially the new ones.

Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post
If you want to get involved more; you're perfectly welcome to approach a staff member about hosting a competition, sharing an idea, offering to host a new claim thread, or offering a suggestion. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to do this, so hopefully this thread shows that a bit more.

The responsibility you gain is relative to the initiative you take.
But this leaves out anyone and everyone who is simply too intimidated to approach staff about such things. Not to mention anyone who may have a good idea, but just needs help to work out the kinks and otherwise make it happen.
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