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Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
It would definitely need some thought and a plan to avoid it becoming like Member Fanclubs for myself to want to support it, really. When I was a member MF seemed like a right mass and ego boosting section for a few more popular members, I frankly I'm not too confident that can be easily avoided.

A thread form carries less risk I suppose than a section...?
Member Fanclubs - the word "fanclubs" invokes a feeling of omg ur so cool and would naturally turn into such a forum that it had. Maybe if you named it something less like that (I suggest "playpen"), it would be better off, because that word makes people think of all of them being on the same level, and no core member or something that's the focus, and a place for them to get used to each other, so there's less point of "omg ur the best!" and exclusion and all that.

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