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I know in Fourth Gen I'v eset up an events suggestion thread, (albeit not a lot of replies), where any member can suggest ideas for future events in the section. I might actually make it simply an ideas plus feeback thread, because I'd also like to hear some possible improvements that could be made to 4th Gen. Within these threads I've been given a few event ideas that I've discussed with their owners, and have been slowly planning their release. More importantly, I've let those who suggested the event, host it themselves (that includes creating the content of the thread (which I'll look through/correct if need be), because it wouldn't be fair if I hosted it, because wasn't my idea.

But anyway, I'm getting off-topic.

What I'm really trying to get to here is, that we've already started from some sort of a platform. There are already ways which members can acquire more responsibility than simply posting and running off to the next section. Perhaps if we can find a way to emphasise that there are opportunities out there. In saying that, perhaps every section should create more of these oppotunities by creating an event suggestion thread of their own? Plus the thread will in a way, lessen the hesistation of a member to suggest their idea(s) because they wouldn't be discussing it with that staff member directly.

In regards to a permanent rank...I'm a little iffy on that. Essentially, if we're picking moderators to moderate, which is causing a gap between moderator and member contriution, then surely if we're promoting certain members to a 'EO rank' permanently that will only cause another gap between members with no responsibility, member with responsibility and then moderators. It will only chop the gap into pieces, rather than reducing it. (But that's just me)

I'm all up for this 100%. Just not through ranks.
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