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I'd like to mention that A&D already has something like this going on now.

Jetstream9777, with assistance from Kriegstein, launched a PC fakedex project, which had nothing to do with myself or Derozio. It was a good idea and he went for it, and now it's evolved into quite the exciting little pseudo-event. I suppose it's relevance to this conversation depends on how you view things, but I'm looking at this project more like an actual "PC Pokedex" not just a fakedex for someone's personal gain.

My point is, member involvement in different sections already exists, but more is always better. I'd love it if more members became involved. :) I think one thing that will be invaluable would be to increase the flow of communication between members and staff.

All that said, I'm going to agree with Curious on ranks. Maybe it's just me, but it kind of sounds like we'd be rewarding members for being active.. which we already have methods in place to do so, you know? That, and I feel like it would bring "members closer to staff", as opposed to bringing "staff closer to members", if that makes any sense.
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