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This is a pretty unique idea that I feel has potential to benefit our members as it can be very hard for members - old and new - to settle into a forum of this size. People get intimidated of staff and even members with higher post count, so a place to break the ice and interact with some of the regulars or newer members would provide for a nice way to get to know each other. As someone who spent the first few months on PC petrified of everyone, I surely do think this would help out a bit and am for it 100%!

You can argue that blogs or VMs provide this, but the former is not accessible to everyone and leaving VMs to ask people questions might come off as strange to the one receiving the messages. It's easier if you know exactly who is interested/open to questions and "getting to know moments" with other members, which a member info thread can provide.

I agree with Derk/Twilight Sky that keeping everything in a single thread will definitely get messy given how many people will probably be interested in this. It'd be nicer to separate the section so posts are easier to find.

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