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    "Draping Vine" Pecha

    "No kidding little brother, you really did a number on him!" Chirped Pecha. As much as he wanted to shoo the little Riolu back into the hut, they needed a lot of help; Bronzongs are extremely resilient, and he really is at a disadvantage. The kid would have to tough it out. "We should focus on one at a time." Pecha whispered to Ryan. "cover me."

    And with that, Pecha sprinted in the direction of one of the bronzongs, and leaped midair towards it. Unleashing his vines, the tangela wrapped himself around the bell-shaped pokemon, nice and snug, and started shaking rapidly. Spores shot outward, and the bronzong's red eyes slowly shut, while slowly descending down. After it hit the ground fast asleep, Pecha released his grip. "He won't be out for long".

    Suddenly, Pecha was struck with realization. He still had the cherri berry Spencer picked up for him. Cherri equals fire! he shouted within his mind. Grabbing the berry out of his rucksack, he absorbed the berry's nutrients, and heat started building in his mouth, due to his natural gift.

    "I only have one shot! Secure it for me!" He ordered, while trying to lose as less heat as possible.
    Yay Jesus!

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