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    Jacob King
    Outside Mauville

    Jacob was surprised to see Damien moving toward him instead of retreating, but that surprise turned to anger once he realized Damien was coming to him. Damien’s show of machoism after blowing away a few Pokemon by yelling at whoever could hear him did not impress Jacob one bit. As soon as Damien turned toward Jacob and started to move stealthily a small Pokemon came out of its hiding spot. It looked almost like a little human girl with its overall body shape and hair almost imitating pig tails. Its red colored eyes were filled with tears as its body began to glow a faint purple color as it lifted several objects around it.

    Its appearance made Jacob hesitate for a split second but not long enough to allow the almost human like Pokemon to unleash its attack on the unaware Damien. Jacob’s rifle round ended its life swiftly and silently just as it began to launch a salvo of rocks and sharp sticks after Damien. Suddenly everything changed around Jacob to a hazy image of the past, but before Jacob could get a good view of the new image in front of him Damien touched his shoulder and brought him back to the present.

    Jacob took a second after Damien addressed him to collect his mind before he stood up on his own. Jacob’s face showed none of his emotions, but Jacob did not accept Damien’s hand to help himself up which was a message in itself. Looking directly into Damien’s eyes with his own cold stare Jacob said in a calm voice, “If it was a good “set up” you would not have found me… and why didn’t you retreat with Nick instead of coming over here, exposing me, and leaving Nick alone? Either way it doesn’t matter I gave you two a chance to retreat. I’m not here to hold your hand and guide you away from danger while saying how it’s all going to be ok.”

    Jacob turned around and said, “Don’t follow me Damien. I work alone.” He then proceeded to walk off. He moved with purpose and stealth in a direction away from Damien and Nick. Jacob wanted to continue his observation of the battle field and search for those he planned to target. Suddenly everything around him changed as his mind relapsed into a hallucination, the same one as a minute ago. Jacob stopped for a second and pulled a small bottle out of a pocket on his pants and retrieved a small white pill from it. He quickly swallowed it and shook his head before starting on his way again.
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