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I feel that...I dunno, my opinion is different than most people's here. I understand that a lot of people in this thread are worried that creating a new rank would further "distance" that gap between member and staff but...I dunno, maybe it's just me who thinks it'll have no real effect at all? I don't mean to be impeding on anything (and I apologize if I am), but you already have "supporters", who, in theory, already create that gap. The only difference is that it's probably easier to get to supporter than EO (depending on the prerequisites for that usergroup).

I guess the general point being is that it won't make a difference one way or another. I feel that that the rank would be creating more incentive for members to participate in organizing events, in the same way that the supporter ranks/perks create incentives for people to donate. Think of it in that light, and perhaps it'll become a bit easier to swallow? xD

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