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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
Oh, I like the waitlist idea a whole lot better than the "must be a member for x amount of time/have x amount of posts" one. I feel like that method would be a whole lot organized and neater. I'd say a maximum of 10 per week, and then after the next week, another 10, and so on till the cycle eventually repeats itself. There's a first come first serve basis on that, true, but your turn will inevitably come. And if there really is a massive amount, we can always increase the number of threads to 15 or even 20 per week.

I really like this idea. And I like the screenie, Nick. :3
We can have a public waiting list and an expected release date per each thread. List all of the threads that were posted in the first post (remove them after they're approved) and put a date next to them for when the moderator is preparing to release them. That way, people know that a) their thread was received and b) there thread will be posted.

Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
Nick, do you feel that it would be better as a forum section entirely on it's own or perhaps a subform of NU/W (I am forever calling the Welcome Lounge this, idc lmao)? Just curious or whether or not it matters.
I don't think that it would fair well as a subforum for NU/W, because I don't think that this forum is meant for new members. I'd rather it be a stand-alone forum, at least in the beginning and especially since we rebranded the off topic forums to each have an individual purpose. MIC's purpose doesn't really align with any of the off topic forums, I don't think. Maybe with CC&P, a little, but not enough to make it a sub-forum of it, I don't think.
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