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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
We can have a public waiting list and an expected release date per each thread. List all of the threads that were posted in the first post (remove them after they're approved) and put a date next to them for when the moderator is preparing to release them. That way, people know that a) their thread was received and b) there thread will be posted.
Exactly! Should there be a cap to the waiting list, though? Like, maximum 50 or 100? I'd personally say no, cause that'd be unfair if a person who's late really wants to reserve a spot, a cap might just drag things out, but I want your opinion Nick. =D

I don't think that it would fair well as a subforum for NU/W, because I don't think that this forum is meant for new members. I'd rather it be a stand-alone forum, at least in the beginning and especially since we rebranded the off topic forums to each have an individual purpose. MIC's purpose doesn't really align with any of the off topic forums, I don't think. Maybe with CC&P, a little, but not enough to make it a sub-forum of it, I don't think.
I can see the logic in that.
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