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Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
The waitlist idea sounds really good imo.
A standalone forum? It could work. Good luck on this guys. If you need help, I'm there.
Edit : How are we going to deal with spammers? Especially the "romhacking" types.
The same way we deal with spammers elsewhere. Delete their posts and infract them, if need be. Personally, I don't see why people would spam this forum. Especially since I don't think I'd want to have post count enabled here. The purpose of the forum is strictly to learn more about the members who you see every day, not to increase your post count. Spamming is usually done to benefit the spammer, like in Trade Corner, spamming is done by most people because they want a Pokémon. In rom hacking, spamming is done because they want to know when something is going to be released. Spamming doesn't really happen in Forum Games, because nothing really comes to immediate benefit the spammer, and this forum isn't meant to benefit people replying to threads past "Oh I feel like I know more about you now!" "Oh, we have that in common!" and incentive to interact with a member and become friends.
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