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    Well, I managed to eek out one more chained shiny before Sunday, and this is the most excited I've gotten about a chained shiny. Not only because it's one of my favourite Pokemon from Kanto and a really cool green shiny, but also because it was my most difficult chain hunt so far.

    The patch of grass for Mr. Mime in platinum is pretty cramped, so chaining it was very time consuming and difficult. Also once I finally got the chain to fourty, it took about 40 super repels before I finally found a shiny patch. I was actually pretty mad by the time I found it, but I was still excited. It has a timid nature and has the filter ability, but the downside is that aside from special attack, it has absolutely horrible ivs. Every stat is in the single digits except for special attack and special defense. : <

    I was only able to get one because I was so fed up with the hunt by the end of it that I ended it right after I caught the first one. I figured that the one I caught was good enough , and I'd just be wasting my time to try and get a better one. I may sound mad, but I'm actually really thrilled to have a shiny Mrs. Lime. = )

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