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    Greyson Cole - Rootdry Town

    Greyson's stomach rumbled as he slumped down against the foot of a tree. The bark scratched his back in what was somewhat of a sensational feeling and he let out a sigh as he lowered his head in anguish.

    I've been wandering these woods for so long. Jumping that ship was such a mistake.. I do not know how much longer I can last.

    He had been in the woods for days, eating only berries that he found here and there. Greyson had luckily only ran into harmless Pokemon so far that fled from him instead of attacking. His luck was over, though.

    "DOOOM" shrieked an unknown pokemon, startling Greyson.

    Oh no... I can't stay here.

    He looked around as he slowly slid up the tree until he came to a full stand. There was nothing to be seen, though. Greyson went around to the other side of the tree, keeping his back against the tree until he came face to face with a black horned canine that he was unfamiliar with. It snarled at the site of him, flames excreting from its nostrils.

    "AHH!" Greyson yelled, setting the Pokemon amidst. He used the startle to start running, the Pokemon following right after. The thickness of the forest made it easy to put distance between himself and the deviled dog that pursued him, but the Pokemon had his scent and was not going to give in.


    A light shined through what seemed to be an opening out of the woods. Greyson darted through and came out into a settlement of sorts. He quickly scanned the area and ran into what seemed to be a puiblic building, falling to his knees as soon as the door closed behind him.

    "Ahhhh. You must be here for your pokemon." A voice called out. Greyson looked up to see a woman in a lab coat. "I am Professor Pine. Follow me please." She finished as she turned away from him and went to a back room.

    She must have me mistaken with someone else. I won't argue, though.

    Greyson stood back up and followed her to some sort of contraption. She opened it to reveal a collection of pokeballs. "Now before you pick one, you must know that your journey will a tough one. Team Plasma controls two of the most powerful Pokemon that exist in this world, Kyurem and Genesect. Alone, you will not be able to stop them. You must create strong bonds with Pokemon and other trainers to prevent what seems like an inevitable demise." Professor Pine explained. "Now if there are no questions, you may pick your Pokemon and go meet with the other trainers that have already arrived."

    Greyson nodded at her as he recalled what he had read about Kyurem just days ago and quickly scanned over the Pokemon. Being originally from Jhoto, he recognized a pokemon from there that could not be found in Unova. He picked up and showed it to her.

    "Ahhh. Cyndaquil." She said to him as she looked down at the pokeball. "Not much for words are you?"
    "I only speak when necessary." Greyson responded.
    "I understand." She noted. "Good luck to you."

    Greyson turned from her and exited the lab, hitting something with the door on his way out.


    The Pokemon from earlier let out a whelp and slammed its tail into Greyson, knocking him into the outer wall off the building. He quickly tossed the pokeball in his hand up into the air.
    "Come on out Cinder!"

    "Quuuil!" The small fire Pokemon exclaimed as it exited the pokeball.

    Death to Plasma?
    Pokemon Trainer Academy - Issac Milke
    Pokemon Plasma - Greyson Cole
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