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    Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
    Really, it's just to play competitively and have an incentive to build a better deck.

    And if you're joining officially sanctioned tournaments, you're showing The Pokemon Company International that there is still a serious player-base for the game. Some events you get prizes for, while others earn you competitive points towards being invited to Worlds if you do well enough.

    Like where can you view these points and how much are needed to go and also what type of prizes for example? I'm like really new to the tcg and kind of interested in doing competitive play sometime later on when I'm somewhat decent. Also are there any places to look into what cards are legal in competitive play and what combos may work well if I decide to build my own? I usually just watch Jwittz videos but haven't been seeing much content from him. >.>

    Youtube Channel.
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