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Antonia Costa – New York, America

Antonia felt her heart skip a beat as Austin practically said that he would join them; for her first mission this had turned out pretty well and inwardly congratulated herself. Although she had to gently remind herself that this was far from over and that Austin still had his question for her to answer.

“Your parents will be fine, Jerry only knew of you as an Atlantean. Marilyn has already contacted your parents, and they’ll be waiting for us at the airport. You’ll be able to contact them while you train with us, but you might want to talk to your parents first before you say yes to us.” Antonia still remembered the conversation she had with her parents; her father had wanted her to stay in Florence and study at art school, whilst her mother took the opposite foot and urged her to go and discover her abilities. That had been near the start of the year and yet it was still fresh in her mind.
“We’ll be touching down at JKF in about 5 minutes,” Marilyn’s static voice echoed in their headsets.

JFK Airport, New York, America

Antonia watched from afar as Austin met his parents amongst the bustling bodies that inhabited JFK airport for the time being. Beside her, Marilyn huffed, leaning against the wall while their pilot and teammate, Nix, stood staunch behind them. Between them, the three were one of the many teams of Atlanteans that the Royal Family had put together in order to foster a closer bond between the students, and also rivalry between groups. Nix had been one of River’s relatives back in China, and even she did not fully grasp his rather strange power. Marilyn on the other hand, came from Hungary, but adopted the name from some famous metal singer. They were somewhat of a multi-cultural team, but so were most of the other students’ groups.

“You think, his parents let him join?” Nix commented in his rather broken English as he handed the two of them their tickets back to England while holding onto the fourth with Austin’s name on it.

“I don’t know,” Marilyn responded, “but the Oracle spoke his name for a reason.”
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