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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
I feel like you may have misunderstood the word request in this sense.

You can't request to make emblems. The only people who can make emblems are the moderators, and technically not even they can make emblems.

By request, we meat you're able to request one if not all of 3 different emblems: PC Veteran (be on this site for at least 3 years), PC Supporter (Donate), or Committed (be paired with someone for a year). Nothing else is requestable.
If you don't mind me butting in Dipu, normal members can actually make emblems. (Even though it's not generally known.) :]

I've made quite a few emblems as a member ("LevioSAR", "Need moar emblems" and a few others) as well as some while I've been on staff, ("Mass Debater", "Resident Rambler" and a few others), so it definitely is possible. If you make an emblem and would like to see it possibly uploaded, PM a staff member and they'll bring it up in the staff forums. Not all submitted emblems make it through, so its not a "submit = upload" process, if that makes sense.
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