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    Well, the mechanisms I suggested are only tweaks to the original idea, so implementing the simpler version first is only reasonable.

    Hardcoding AI for every single card seems really tedious to me, though, even if it's only copy/paste. Other than using keywords, I can only think of reflection to calculate their desirability, which would give you a really tedious, hard to understand AI code (depending on how well reflection is implemented in Ruby, if it is in at all). I won't judge you for refusing to do this, especially since this is a kit for other game developers. Maybe hard code really is the best option, though I usually don't like to think that way.

    If currently no AI is implemented, what are you currently working on and what have you achieved in the 2 months since your last post here? Have you progressed at all, seeing as people's interest in this has decreased recently? Not trying to be rude, just curious.
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