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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Yeah, uh, if I can get to AUP's HQ or something faster I'd be glad if I was allowed to bunny Atticus and Freddie a little but you are also allowed to bunny Agnes to get things moving ^^ Maybe not make her say things, but make her move. To get out of the center or whatnot?
Yeah, I'm pushing for a Time Skip, but Maddy has some plans for you and Retro Bug I believe, so we're waiting for those two.

@Everyone else: Pretty much, this day has finished, we intend to do a Time Skip that'll bring you to your respective areas which we will introduce in the OOC thread. Next posts will be post-Time Skip, so go from there and we'll be onto the next day in the RP.

If you're unsure which organisation you're going with, here's a little run down:

Retro Bug/Delta
Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers/Agnes

Lt. Col. Fantastic/Austin
Minnesotan Gamer/Minerva



Leonknight seems to have left PC, so he is out of the RP and I am currently waiting for a reply from Nakuzami. I also welcome Kiklion to the RP, I shall talk to Skymin, and we'll find a place for you to fit in (most likely AUP).


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