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    So I was wondering what the market might be for two RPs I've even tossing around. I'm not sure if I'm the only über scifi fangirl around these parts, but I guess it couldn't hurt to ask. With the release of the new Star Trek movie soon, I've really wanted to do something in that universe. Now, what better than mixing one of the most popular RP types...*cough* academies *cough* with space ships and aliens? Star Trek even has a built in canon place. "Starfleet Academy". I'm thinking open world on campus, with a well guided and structured main story that provides groupings of players a personalized story along the way.

    That was just one. The second one is a little more...hard to describe. In a world quite similar to our own, each player is the ruler of their own country. Each country and leader has their own personalities, foibles and history. The player is part of a greater "UN" like organization that is responsible for dictating global policy. I was hoping to show off the underbelly of politics with scandal, dirty deals, etc. Maybe even a dice mechanic that let's PCs attack one another for story purposes.

    Anyway, those are the brief pitches. I'm on my mobile right now, so I couldn't type out everything. Not really sure if I have the crowd for these here. If not, then back to plotting my game of thrones/temerair/pokemon style universe.