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    I downloaded the demo at first, and I thought it was beautiful. They had definitely gone up in the graphics department, as most 3DS games have, and the music was okay but not shivers-down-your-spine great as the first two games.

    Once getting into the plot a little more, I found that I didn't really like it. It was boring, it was slow, and everyone was crying every two seconds. I feel like most of the game was over done in that aspect. Never have I ever seen such emotionally flip-flopped characters. One second they're bawling their eyes out, then the next they're dancing around with glee -- not just Keldeo.

    Why would Virizion join the team early on? I thought that was stupid, even if she was at a low level. To the people that make PMD: don't do that again, please.

    I hated the new mission system, and the giant pop up when you finish a mission. I mean seriously? I thought I was going into a great new game that would be better than the first and second, but I was disappointed beyond belief.

    The only redeeming quality is that they at least had a plot twist. The entire game, you're supposed to believe that Munna is in danger, which seems about right, because of the whole dream thing. Boy, I really shouldn't have thought that way, knowing PMD. I sure was in for a surprise.

    I didn't cry for the ending, though. I would have, like the other two games, if they hadn't added the frism in the end. I think that ruined it.
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