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    Sy felt his cheeks heat up at the received praise. He never liked taking credit for anything, even if it was well deserved. He was afraid he would come of as arrogant or conceited. He hated people like that.

    "It...was really nothing." he said in his quiet voice.

    He then turned his attention back to the Bronzong, who certainly can't be to happy with him after that sneak attack. Sy took a deep breath, he knew that Bronzong were part psychic which he was vulnerable against so he was gonna have to be really careful. Not to mention they were really bulky and are capable of taking hits for what seemed like forever. Sy had never battled when at a disadvantage before so he was feeling rather nervous, but there was no way he was gonna leave Pecha, Ryan and Ponyta to face them alone. (Even though he couldn't look at Ponyta without cringing) The young pokemon darted towards the bell shaped pokemon, hoping he could at least keep this one busy so that Pecha could go through with whatever plan came to him with no interruptions. Once he was only around three feet away he jumped up high. Sy outstretched his arms blue watery orbs appeared and circled around him. Then with one swift movement the Riolu fired a Hidden Power attack at the Bronzong.
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