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Seeing as its another distant region from the previous five, I don't see there being any story continuation from any of the other games. Possibly a few nods here and there to acknowledge past events from another region, but no real plot tie-ins from other games. It's a new region with new people and new villains. It should have its own story.

The only real way a continuation of plot can work is if it's a sequel or a la RBY > GSC.

Originally Posted by CmdrEggnog View Post
I just hope we get Xerneas/Yveltal BEFORE we face the Elite Four. I understand in B2W2 that it would have been extremely easy to beat the Champion if you had Kyurem so that's why they didn't have you catch it beforehand, but still.

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No matter how the storyline proceeds, I prefer they leave it up to the player's discretion of whether to catch the Yveltal or Xerneas either before or after the Elite 4, giving us more freewill on the matter.
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