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    White 2 - Currently in Nimbasa City Stadiums

    I've taken a few Pokemon I need to evolve there, not really to train, just put them in the front of my party, then switch out with one of my two level 100 Pokemon I brought with me, my wonderful female Samurott named Osshy who's been with me since the beginning of my adventure, and my Unfezant. I brought a Lairon and Glameow with me to evolve in their final evolutions, both only a few levels away, I also brought along an Egg, which I'm really hoping to hatch into a male Kirlia, or the evolution before it, I can't remember exactly.

    My team and I fought a trainer in the Nimbasa Stadium with a level 68, or around there, Jolteon earlier, at the time I only had my level 100 Unfezant with me, and despite that, all the electric attacks caused my team to lose, we don't lose that often, so it really was a downer.

    I've been all over Unova, back and forth between places, looking for every kind of Pokemon there is out there, breeding them and evolving them, trying to catch them all for my PokeDex. I have seen every Pokemon in Unova, and in the National Dex.

    In my Unova Dex, I have caught 271 Pokemon out of 301, and in my National Dex I have caught 559 Pokemon out of the 649 there are. I'm aiming to have maybe at least 10 left to obtain in my Unova Dex by the end of the day.

    Here's to hoping at least.