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*Animated screenshot*
Nice porting, but I sugguest you honestly should make Rb0rn to animate the bottoms of the trees too.
That way they just don't look right while the top of the tree moves and the bottom don't.

*1st indoor screenshot*
In this image I'd reinsert the carpet into the TV's palette (It it isn't already).
And giving the center of it the lighter blue colour.
That yellow lightish colour is probably because in that palette you were using were only 2 blueish colours.
Doing so will make it look better then it already does.

*5th screenshot*
The wild grass doesn't really fit.
But that is just my opinion.
If you chose to change it, try 9 tile grass maybe that will look better.

All around its one of the better hacks.
You will probably get some problems later in game if you go wtih that style of houses.
Zein has only 32 houses in that style, and you probably wont be able to make an entire region with 32 houses.

Id like to see a screenshot where the mountain tiles were used.
Btw the mapping isn't that bad either.
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