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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    There's a trans trainer in the manga. Not even kidding. In "How I Became a Pokemon Card", a series of one-off chapters that explain how a Pokemon got to be in the position it is on the cards, one of the trainers is biologically female but identifies as male. It actually addresses gender roles too - said trainer is really upset that his parents gave him a Pikachu, because it isn't boyish enough, and runs off because he wanted something cooler. His friend follows him and scolds him, saying he's not acting like a boy or a girl, just pathetic, and then the Pikachu saves his life in the forest and he embraces the idea that Pikachu is cool in its own way.
    WOW! Thats amazing. I don't know if this counts, but I think a cross-dressing male appeared in HG/SS (Not sure if he was on G/S/C). In Janine's gym, where every is dressed like her, there is a boy dressed as her. He also comments "What's wrong with a boy dressing like Janine?" ALSO, thanks to everyone for being so LGBT friendly on this thread
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