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    Wish granted but suddenly you were caught by a trainer and was immediately stored in a PC for the rest of your now digitally-immortal life.

    I wish that there was that there was an official port of Pokemon for Android and suddenly it was already installed on my device working perfectly with all the pokemon obtainable, all of the functionality working, complete with a multiplayer feature with real non-trashtalking humans on the other line, and at the same time I became, invincible, invulnerable, incorruptible, immune to any sort of disease, death, or anything that can stop me from playing pokemon, my pokemon skills even increased, and my Android phone became indestructible, also spontaneously an impenetrable bubble would surround me complete with oxygen, non-spoiling food, and an endless yet controllable supply of cold pristine water, in such a way that I would never have to stop playing and that nothing COULD stop me playing.

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