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    Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
    Go onto Map View mode instead of Event View mode and press F4 to view all layers.

    While I like the layout of the map the tiles you use ruin it for me. It doesn't look very natural to have grass and then rock without a tile that nicely connects the two.

    Here's some of my stuff:
    The mountain map is nicely compacted (a good thing). There aren't really any open spaces for the player to get lost in, which is always nice. It would probably look better with some more vegetation (flowers mainly, that vary in color) There is another thing, though. The stairs leading down from the peak are way too long. I'd suggest pushing in part of the mountain in and splitting the stairway to avoid putting the player in a trance. Nice to see a mystery dungeon map on here - I see nothing out of the ordinary on them.