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Typically, with most cards, there's 2 variations of the same collector number within a set, but some cards get alternate prints in theme decks (holofoil rares get a non-holofoil print, while non-holo rares get a "refractor" holofoil print), and in checklane blister packs (some have a "refractor" foil, while others have the traditional foil, while still others have the new standard foil from the Black & White era sets).

That's typically called a reverse holofoil. Some secret and ultra rare cards share characteristics with a reverse holofoil, though.

There's not really a good place that lists all possible alternate prints in one place for any given set. The closest would be the setlists over on Bulbapedia (, but those don't typically list all the alternate prints.

As for places that allow trading, I know there's a large community of YouTube traders, some other Pokemon websites allow trading, and wherever a league is nearest to you would probably be a good place to check for people who want to trade.
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